Most frequently asked questions

To invoice through Bizky, you need to register by clicking the "Invoice now" button on our website. To set up an account, you will need an email address and basic personal information, such as your first name, last name, PESEL number, and mailing address.

Through the service, you can conclude a cooperation agreement with your contractor, which defines your business arrangements. The agreement is not mandatory for each assignment and can be concluded in electronic form. Concluding a cooperation agreement can accelerate the subsequent settlement process. You can conclude the agreement to formalize your arrangements with the client regarding your work with our support.

There is no limit on the number of invoices or revenues you can settle through BIZKY. As part of our offer, you can use Freelance One, where you can independently issue an invoice and request payment with a small commission, or you can register for the Freelance subscription, where for a net price of 399 PLN per month, you can issue a larger number of invoices without commission.

You can invoice various types of services provided to your clients through Bizky. With Bizky Freelance One, you can invoice for specific projects completed for clients, and you can find a list of those projects by registering in the system. With Bizky Freelance, you can invoice for completed projects, assignments, and other services based on a contract for a specific work or a service contract.

In Bizky, issuing an invoice is associated with a one-time commission, which is indicated by the calculator available on the website. In the subscription model, the subscription cost is PLN 399 net. We deduct the appropriate income tax and/or social security contributions from each income.

Yes, the youth tax relief is available at Bizky for those using our subscription model. If you are under 26, please contact us to settle your work without income tax.

We have no restrictions, you can settle your work with us regardless of age, income or industry.