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Freelancer global payment

Thanks to Bizky Employer of record, you have the ability to swiftly and lawfully compensate your remote workforce or efficiently receive payments from clients. Bid farewell to country-specific limitations, protracted procedures, and superfluous fees!

What constitutes a freelancer payment gateway?

The ‘freelancer payment gateway’ by Bizky Employer of record simplifies the process of sending or receiving online payments in remote work or freelancer collaborations. Our payment solutions are crafted to assist the modern generation of remote workers and employers in efficiently managing their payments.

How does Bizky EOR freelancer payment gateway work?

For businesses, our payment solutions offer a fast and transparent method to compensate freelancers and contractors, free from any concealed expenses. As a freelancer or remote worker, Bizky EOR enables you to generate invoices or payment requests for clients, ensuring legal and compliant receipt of payments. Our solutions cater perfectly to solopreneurs operating without a registered company.

Features of freelancer payment gateway with Bizky EOR?

Invoicig tools

Utilize Bizky EOR invoicing tools to bill both local and international clients effortlessly. Save templates for your invoices and accept payments for your projects, even if you lack a registered company.

Payment requests

Settle payments or receive compensation for your freelancing or remote work endeavors. Utilize our automated payment request service to establish one-time or recurring payments weekly or monthly, tailored to your requirements. Experience enhanced control, improved tracking, and secure transactions with Bizky EOR.

Virtual wallet

The Virtual Wallet by Bizky EOR enables you to oversee all your financial transactions in a centralized location. Access your current balance, review previous transactions, and effortlessly convert between available currencies.

Take advantage of the opportunity to employ employees in Poland thanks to Bizky Employer of records

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