Issue Invoices Without a Business License

A virtual platform for invoicing and receiving payments for freelancers. You issue a VAT invoice to clients, and we handle accounting, tax settlements, and contributions. Payment reaches your account within 24 hours! Choose between our Freelance service and our subscription service – Prime!





How it works

You don’t need to run a business to settle your work! With Bizky, you can issue an invoice and settle assignments using our legal entity. We will transfer the funds to you within 24 hours!

You have 2 packages to choose from:

1. Bizky Freelance – You issue an invoice, which we automatically send to your contractor. After the invoice is paid, we transfer the funds to you based on a contract for specific work, from which we deduct 6% income tax.

2. Bizky Prime – You subscribe to our Program, within which you can issue 10 invoices per month. You can withdraw funds whenever you want based on a contract for specific work or a contract of mandate.

In our system, you issue VAT invoices for your contractors. The VAT rate depends on the industry of your services. The invoice will include Bizky’s details as well as your name or your brand name.

With Bizky, we transfer the funds to you based on a contract of mandate or a contract for specific work. You no longer have to pay ZUS contributions, and you earn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

To settle your services through Bizky, you need to register by clicking the ‘Issue an Invoice’ button on our website. To create an account, you will need an email address and basic personal information such as: name, surname, PESEL, and mailing address.

With the Bizky subscription offer, you can enter into a cooperation agreement with your contractor, defining your business arrangements. The agreement is not mandatory for every assignment and can be concluded electronically. Signing a cooperation agreement can expedite the subsequent settlement process. You can formalize your arrangements with the client concerning your work with our support.

We have no limitations on the number of invoices settled or the amount of revenue. Within our offer, you can use Freelance, where you can issue an invoice and request a payout, paying a small commission. Alternatively, you can register for the Freelance subscription, where for a price of 399 PLN net per month, you can issue a larger number of invoices without commission.

Within Bizky Freelance, you can issue invoices for works completed on behalf of a client. A list of specific assignments can be found by registering in the system. In the Bizky Freelance subscription, you can settle completed works, assignments, and other services based on a contract for specific work or a contract of mandate.

In Bizky, issuing an invoice involves a one-time commission, which is indicated by the calculator available on the website. However, in the subscription model, the cost is 399 PLN per month, with no commission. From each revenue, we deduct the appropriate income tax and/or insurance contributions.

Yes. The tax relief for young people is available for those using Bizky in the subscription model. If you are under 26 years old, contact us to settle your work without income tax.

The rights to use the work can be transferred to your client by entering into an agreement, depending on your instructions.

We have no limitations; you can settle your work with us regardless of age, income, or industry.

Our partners

Thanks to Bizky, our barbers were able to close their businesses, which generated costs and added formal work.

Now, they issue invoices to us through Bizky, and as a result, they earn more and with greater ease.

The Warsaw Barber School

Bizky is an excellent solution for self-employed individuals and companies. The program removes the obligation for freelancers to establish a business, which directly translates into higher earnings.

Companies can take advantage of a ready-made accounting and legal structure, minimizing employment costs. We are confident that by working with Bizky, we are on the right path to success!

Agencja Tigers

Our tutors issue invoices through Bizky!


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      By submitting this form, you agree and consent to your personal data by Fundację AIP i Bizky sp. z o.o.



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